Yitzchok Isaac Taub (1751–1821 / 7th of Adar, 5581) arrived at Nagykálló as melamed. From 1781, he became rabbi of the community and the county, as well. He is considered as the first Hasidic rebbe in Hungary. His life is mostly described by legends. His parents lived in Szerencs. He was born in Szerencs or Nagykálló. He became fatherless early on in his childhood, and was brought up by his mother. Legends connect him to the disciples of Baal Shem Tov (approx. 1700–1760), Aryeh Leib the son of Sarah (1730–1796) and rabbi Dov Ber (?–1772) of Mezerics.  He was taught at Mikulov by the Hasidic rebbe, Shmelke Horowitz (1726–1778). He was influenced by Elimelekh Weisblum (1717–1787), rebbe of Leżajsk. The folk song beginning “I heard the rooster crow”, which is about waiting for the Messiah, is also attributed to him. In Hungary, the song is considered to be a typical Jewish folk song. The song was also a Hungarian Israelite scout anthem between the two World Wars. It is recognized by the Jewish communities, Hungarian folk music and world music, as well. In the Haredi world, it is sung in Hungarian even today.